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The Ridge – Slim Wallet

The Ridge Wallet

Credit cards, driver’s license, folding money…none of that belongs in some old, uncomfortable billfold that’s too fat to fit in the front of your jeans without looking, well, creepy.

Instead, you are forced to sit on a catcher’s mitt-sized case stuffed into your back pocket. It may be the worst feeling a man can have during his workday.

And that old, fat leather wallet with all your cards and personal data are wide open to RFID skimming devices everywhere you go.

The Ridge, a slim, minimalist, RFID-blocking, front pocket wallet is the solution. It is small enough to fit discreetly into the front pocket of any jeans or jacket while holding between one and twelve credit cards plus old-fashioned paper bills.

Lightweight and tough, it’s the perfect way to carry your lifeline and keep it safe with secure RFID-blocking technology.

Minimalist but not limiting.

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