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Tikit – Seatbelt Alarm Silencer Bottle Opener Key Chain

Tikit - Seatbelt Alarm Silencer Bottle Opener Key Chain

Sometimes you have stuff in your passenger seat. It could be your dog, a briefcase, or other stuff that sets off the seat belt alarm.

And that constant dinging will make you want to drive into a bridge abutment.

The Tikit seat belt silencer works by clicking into the seat belt receptacle of your vehicle in place of the actual safety belt. With this installed your vehicle’s seat belt alarm will never beep, blink, or annoy you in any way. It’s perfect for traveling with pets or heavy objects in the passenger seat. Additionally, it has a built-in bottle opener and can be attached to your key chain if you are indifferent vehicles frequently. Works on all vehicle seatbelts.

Protect your sanity and silence the seat belt ding.

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