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Titan Attachments – Compact Manure Spreader

Titan Attachments - Compact 35-in Manure Spreader

If you are on a big enough acreage to have a horse or two it likely you have a manure problem.

Sure you could go to a farm sale and buy some old manure spreader. But what are you going to pull it with? And what happens when that ancient chain-driven unloader breaks?

The Titan Attachments compact 35-inch Manure Spreader is ideal for use in smaller barns. The spreader is designed to fit through standard 4-foot doors and holds up to 4 horse stall loads. The ground driven spreader features a simple engagement lever, a round aluminum spreading drum, and durable tractor tread tires.

The manure spreader distributes material quickly and evenly. Simply attach it to your garden tractor, ATV, UTV, or compact tractor and start spreading. Supported by (2) heavy-duty all-terrain wheels that are 16-inches in diameter. Making it easy to move through the roughest of terrain, especially when towing behind a compact tractor or ATV. Max towing speed 10-16 MPH.

It’s election season, you might as well get in on the horse shit spreading business….

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