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Titan Attachments – Hydraulic Dump Box for 3 Point

Titan Attachments - Hydraulic Dump Box for 3 Point

Do you have a tractor without a loader? Perhaps you’d like a UTV with a dump box but don’t want to shell out the cash. Do you have dirt, rock, manure, or sand to move and want to make the task easier?

The Hydraulic Dump Box for 3-point hitch holds 30 cubic feet of material. It is constructed to easily transport dirt, debris, landscaping material, and more. It is Quick Hitch compatible and designed to connect to your tractor’s Category 1, 3 Point Hitch System. Using your rear hitch and rear remotes, you can easily raise and lower the utility dump to the optimum height for dumping or loading material. With the hydraulic cylinder, you can easily dump your box without any hassle or leaving your tractor.

Hydraulic cylinder, hoses, and ag-style couplers included.

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