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Titan Attachments – Skid Steer Graders

Titan Attachments - Skid Steer Graders

If you have a rock driveway then you know it can get really rough come spring thaw. While a standard bucket or blade is ok if you want a properly graded and smooth driveway, you need a grader.

The Titan Attachments Skid Steer Graders is perfect for driveway or road grading, rock spreading, leveling, road and parking lot maintenance, and more! The triple cutting edge design includes two forward-facing edges and one rear-facing edge. Compact and move material in forward & skim and cover skid steer tracks in reverse. The Fixed pitch design allows you to cut through tough material while the bucket stops allow you to transport your bucket on top of the grader.

Works great for leveling dirt in lawns or corrals too!

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