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Titan Great Outdoors – Spinning Target System

Titan Great Outdoors - Spinning Target System

Hunting season is around the corner. Have you had enough target practice?

For those that live on a larger property, get your own practice target system, and get more rounds in.

Titan Great Outdoors Spinning Target System will give you more time for practice. The brilliant target reset system allows you to continue to fire uninterrupted. With the spinning design, the target will use gravity to automatically reset to its natural position. This eliminates all the wasted time of walking back and forth down the range to adjust and reset your shooting targets.

They are built with tough steel construction, and highly resistant to wear and tear. Steel targets allow for a satisfying ‘gong’ sound with every hit, so you have an audible indication of a bullseye!  Keep in mind that you should never shoot steel core, steel jacket, solid copper ammo, magnum rounds, or bbs at the Titan shooting target.

Or you could head to the range with every other hunter in the county….

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