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Titan – Hydraulic Wood Chipper

Titan - Hydraulic Wood Chipper

We are at one of the only live farm show we could find. The Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, looking for awesome gear for your acreage.

And since we are in Fargo, it’s only fitting we feature wood chipper.

If you have a tractor or skid steer you can process larger wood than a stand-alone unit while avoiding dangerous PTO chippers.

The Titan Attachments Hydraulic Wood Chipper makes quick work of tree cleanup. The4” x 10” Wood Chipper, accepts entire trees in pieces up to 4” in diameter. It uses your skid steer or tractor’s hydraulics and designed to connect to the skid steer style quick tach system commonly found on skid steers and tractors such as Bobcat, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Case, and more!

This makes the hydraulic wood chipper simple to transport, operate, and store. Additionally, this chipper has a hinged feed chute that can be removed to make it more compact when not in use. This hydraulic chipper features a fully adjustable exit chute. Since you can direct the path of the chips as they exit the machine, the operation of this machine is safer, easier, and cleaner.

Well…he never done this before. My boss said I can take $100 off of that Truecoat!

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