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Titan Outdoors – Fire Pit Heat Shield

Titan Outdoors - Fire Pit Heat Shield

There are a lot of fire pits that claim they can be used on decks or patios. But do you really want to risk burning your house down?

And don’t waste your time with a fire blanket, as there is a good chance you’ll still end up with scorching.

The Titan Outdoors Fire Pit Heat Shield will keep the good times going without damaging your property. The tough steel frame is dependable and long-lasting, and the diamond-plated aluminum surface is heat resistant and keeps your porch, patio, lawn, or driveway from any potential harm. Your outdoor events and home cookouts can have all the benefits of live fire, including natural light and warmth, right on your backyard deck! Never worry about scorch marks, paint damage, or wear and tear again. The Fire Pit Heat Shield, you are protected for years to come.

With the cost of wood these days, this is cheap insurance from scorch marks.

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