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Titan Outdoors – Nomad Tailgate Hitch Grill

Titan Outdoors - Nomad Tailgate Hitch Grill

That little propane-fired camp stove isn’t cutting it. It’s too small to feed a crowd and the flavor, we’ll there isn’t any.

Give everyone what they really want. Smoked meats and charcoal-grilled burgers. Feed more friends at tailgates and campouts with less hassle.

The Nomad Tailgate Hitch Grill is constructed for the outdoor adventurer, road trip enthusiast, and lover of sporting events. It is built with a mounting tube that connects to any vehicle with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch and a fully functioning charcoal grill with three slide-out stacked grill grates with an attached cover that allows you the option to smoke your selection of meats. This compact unit features twin air intakes, slide-opening charcoal vents, and spring handles that remain cool to protect your hands from the heat. With its 1,368-square-inch cooking area, this Tailgate Grill gives you plenty of room to cook for a crowd and maintain a consistent cooking temperature for your burgers, brats, and vegetables!

Plus it’ll double as a great heat source on those chilly fall game days.

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