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Titan – Snow Blower 3-point PTO Driven

Titan - Snow Blower 3-point PTO Driven

Do you have a property that is prone to large snowdrifts?

For big drifts, pushing snow isn’t always an option.

The Titan Attachments 4 or 6 FT Snow Blowers connects directly to your tractors Category 1, 3 Point. This implement will come with a PTO shaft that connects directly to your power take-off. Clearing snow is now easier than ever. The 3 Point Snow Blower also has a snow chute that can be directed to the ideal position for discarding snow. The Snow Blower is ideal for tractors with a minimum of 20 HP. The ribbons are welded to the auger and are spaced evenly to break up wet and heavily compacted snow. The powerful gearbox transfers the power from your PTO to allow the 21-inch fan with 5 blades to break up and blow the unwanted snow away.

A must-have for clearing snow. Don’t work in the cold any longer than you have to!

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