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Toadi – Lawn Robot Pro

Toadi - Lawn Robot Pro

As a modern acreage owner, you have many competing interests for your time.

And as satisfying as it is to have a great looking yard, you don’t always have time to mow the lawn.

But having a larger yard meant robot mowers weren’t robust enough. Until now.

Toadi’s self-driving lawn robot uses a camera to autonomously drive around in your yard. No perimeter cable needed! The high-performance mowing motor cuts even the wildest grass at the perfect length. It’ll mow multiple zones up to 1.2 acres total. And do it in a straight line, quietly with less than 50 decibels of noise.

With AI and Robot vision, she avoids kids, pets, and other obstacles. This also enables Toadi to recognizes your lawn edges and knows where she can and cannot drive over an edge to mow it. Toadi is so much more than a lawn robot. During the night Toadi goes into security mode and guards your property up to 3.6 acres. She sends you an alert when she detects intruders.

Available November 2020 Reserve early access $9

Unfortunately, fall delivery means you still got to cut the lawn, so grab your walkman and fire it up.

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