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ToolBox Widget – Modular Plier Organizers Kit

ToolBox Widget - Modular Plier Organizers Kit

It never fails, the pair of pliers you need is always at the bottom of your toolbox. If you have a metal toolbox with drawers, now there is a better way to keep your tools organized.

The ToolBox Widget- Modular Plier Organizers Kit is a magnetic organizer that securely holds the tool organizer down to the toolbox drawer with magnets. It is a simple and very effective way of organizing your tools in one place. One can easily add, remove, or re-arrange organizers anytime. One kit holds 12 pliers, but you can connect and add more holders according to your needs. Each kit will hold ten 13mm wide pliers and two 18mm wide pliers. Connect as many kits together as you need!

Each plier holder has a magnetic back so it holds fast to your toolbox.

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