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Tough-1 – Bucket Hanger & Farm Innovators  – Heated Round Plastic Bucket

Tough-1 - Bucket Hanger & Farm Innovators  - Heated Round Plastic Bucket

Maybe you weren’t able to get an automatic waterer installed this year.

Perhaps there isn’t a good place to put a stock tank in your stall barn.

Are you tired of water buckets getting knocked over?

The Tough-1 Bucket Hanger is a great way to keep your critters from knocking over your feed or water bucket. This bucket feeder hanger provides a secure and safe way to hang buckets in a stall. Ring around hook prevents horses from getting caught. This hanger is easy to install with two screws (not included).

The Farm Innovators Heated Round Plastic Bucket keeps water from freezing, so your livestock can access fresh water all winter long. The heated water bucket features a 60-watt IceChaser premium cast-aluminum heater with a thermostat that runs only when warming is needed. At 9-quarts it minimizes the need for refills. A 5 ft. cord with a rugged metal protector keeps animals from chewing for a safer heated horse bucket.

Simplify your feeding chores with the right equipment.

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