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Underhill – Super Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve

Underhill - Super Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve

Sure you can pick up a shut off valve from the big box store for a few bucks. But they aren’t full flow meaning the water flow is restricted and it will take forever to water the yard or wash the driveway.

Plus your kids can’t turn on or off those cheap ones since the lever is so small. Then after a few uses, the lever falls off.

And don’t even bother with the cheap plastic or aluminum full flows. Drop them once on concrete and they break.

The Underhill Super Heavy Duty Brass Shut Off Valve is Industrial quality. Designed by Underhill a leader in golf course and sports field watering products. Built for easy thumb action operation and long life. The solid brass and stainless steel ball shut-off has an extra-large opening for high flow operation, up to 23 gallons per minute. The leakproof ¾-inch inlet hose valve is the ideal option to replace low-cost retail low flow hose valves. Built to withstand extreme pressure and temperature extremes.

Easy thumb control on/off operation means even your kids can shut it off.

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