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Viking Soap – Custom Shave Brush

Viking Soap Custom Shave Brush

The best a man can get, huh?

Let’s be honest, shaving with a cheap razor and a skin irritant-laden shaving cream is the worst.

But if you are beard-follically challenged, shaving every day is a must. So why not make it an enjoyable, high-quality ritual?

Viking Soap was founded out of a love for wet shaving with a desire to bring artistry and craftsmanship to shaving. What started out as a love of crafting high-quality brushes and soaps for friends is now known as one of the top custom shaving brush shops.

Today they supply a full line of cold-process soap, shaving soap, balms, aftershaves, and custom shaving brushes. Get started with their shaving soap and a custom brush to reduce your skin problems and enjoy shaving again.

Design a one-of-kind piece of art and treat yourself to the best shave you’ll ever have.

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