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Woodman’s Pal – 2.0 Multi-Use Machete with Sheath

Woodmans Pal - 2.0 Multi-Use Machete with Sheath

A machete is an essential tool to have around your acreage for brush clearing. It’s a must for any camping or hunting trip. Sure there are cheaply made mass-produced in China machetes out there. But they don’t have the history, the strength or the beauty of a hand-crafted American Made bushwhacker.

The Woodman’s Pal 2.0 Multi-Use Machete with Sheath is the upgraded version of the traditional design used by the US Army since WW2. It’s a machete, shovel, brush ax, and knife all combined in one. Ideal for survival, camping, fishing, hunting, bushcraft, or land management. The ash wood handle and the beautiful leather sheath are handmade and finished by Amish craftsmen. Each blade is individually hand sharpened to ensure the machete cuts through everything. The finger grooves allow for a perfect ergonomic grip. The Ash handle is stained then urethane coated for protection. Finally, it is hand-rubbed with beeswax for extra grip. 

Proudly Made in America, sure to be a family heirloom, and built for a lifetime.

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