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Woolrich – Hudson Bay Blanket

hudson bay

Trading, viral outbreaks, and blankets…

Weird times… Things are shutting down, markets are tanking, and uncertainty abounds.

But it’s still a million times better than living in a trapper camp in the 1700s. Where a blanket was a prized possession.  

Amazingly the Hudson Bay point blanket became a symbol of trading, exploration, survival, the birth of a nation and how modern Canada came to be. 

Woolrich is once again offering Hudson’s Bay point blankets under the official license of the historic Hudson’s Bay Company, the oldest company in North America. Retaining the authentic 100-percent wool quality that has made these blankets legendary. Like those sold in the 18th century, they are made in England. From wool that’s selected for qualities that help create a water-resistant, soft, warm, and strong final product.

It’s traditional yet will improve the look of any modern living room.

No, it wasn’t used to intentionally deliver smallpox, stop reading junk on the internet….

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