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Y-STOP – Hanging Hammock Rope Chair

Y-STOP - Hanging Hammock Rope Chair

Have you ever floated on a cloud? What about being cocooned in a warm blanket?

Imagine both while sitting on your porch overlooking your property?

The Y-STOP Hanging Hammock Rope Chair is a perfect addition to a balcony, terrace, or backyard. It’s made to relax and with a book or tablet and it has the comfort of a soft sponge. Made of soft polyester and cotton, so it won’t get an odor or easily tear. This hammock chair has side pockets to hold mobile phones, books, iPads, and more. The sturdy wooden bar can maintain the balance of the hanging chair and hold up to 320 lbs. Includes all mounting hardware.

Great for a 3 season porch. By two so there won’t be fights over who gets to sit in it.

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