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Yard Mastery – Soil Testing Kit

Yard Mastery - Soil Testing Kit

If you plan to apply fertilizers to your lawn or garden, you need to do a soil test. It’s the only way to ensure lush healthy plant growth without over-applying fertilizers which can harm your plants, the environment, and your wallet.

But most soil tests only give generic recommendations. Unless you have a degree in horticulture, you have no idea what you are looking at.

The Yard Mastery Soil Test Kit is an easy-to-use professional-grade soil test kit that is designed for the DIY community. You’ll get a customized report with organic and Synthetic fertilizer recommendations tailored to your soil. It will tell you exactly what products to buy and how much to apply for a lush lawn and a nutritious garden. The report provides 13 plant available nutrient levels including Nitrogen and pH. This test is perfect for all growing scenarios; lawn & Turf, Gardening, Compost, Trees, Ornamental Landscape & Soil-Less Media. Each kit provides everything required for use, including prepaid return postage & dedicated customer support.

Stop wasting money over-applying fertilizers to your yard!

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