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Yard Tuff – ACR-500T 60-Inch Rake

Yard Tuff - ACR-500T 60-Inch Rake

When you have a bigger yard sometimes you don’t always get it mowed when needed. And that means you can have lots of clippings that are a pain.

The Yard Tuff ACR-500T 60-Inch Rake you can rake and turn loose leaves and grass into neat rows for fast and easy pick-up. Attaching is easy with a pin-style hitch to your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor, giving your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor a new purpose. Yard Tuff’s Acreage Rake has a V-style design and a 60” wide working path, allowing it to quickly handle large areas. The 6 tine reels are 20” in diameter and are specially designed with built-in bearings for smooth operation and great performance. These tine reels are even reversible for extended use and the reel arms can be raised and lowered manually. The reel arms can even be lifted separately for windrowing! With 12” pneumatic tires, this rake can travel easily over a wide variety of tough terrains. This product is made of heavy-duty, 1” tubular steel, you can be assured that this is a long-lasting and durable acreage rake. To add even more convenience for the user, this Acreage Rake has a special design, allowing the tine arms to be removed for compact storage.

Helps lawn sweepers do a better job!

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