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Yardlock – Keyless Gate Lock 

Yardlock - Keyless Gate Lock

Do you have a fence around your yard? What about around a pool? Is your garden fenced off? Until now the only way to lock a fence was with a padlock. Here is a simple solution to lock those areas without needing a key.

The Yardlock Keyless Gate Lock requires no keys, no batteries, and no electronics. Enter your personal code to open the box. Inside the box, a wire drilled through the door lifts the latch on the other side allowing the door to open. When inside, simply lift the latch, no need to enter the code. Can be installed on wood or vinyl gates only. Works for gates swinging in toward yard side or out toward street side. No need to be a pro to install. A tape measure, a screwdriver, and a wood bit to drill a hole are needed. Gate Lock comes with a latch system and all required hardware.

The Yardlock system can’t be reached from over the fence, thanks to the strong latch cover.

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