A guide to modern acreage living

Ruralistic is a one-stop resource for high-quality goods that covers every aspect of modern acreage living; property, home, style, entertainment, and anything in between. Through entertaining and insightful daily updates, Ruralistic helps you navigate rural living in a modern way. 

What we believe

Just because you live a rural lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to forgo high-quality products and experiences. Those that have chosen to live in the country have a unique standard.

What we do

Ruralistic helps contemporary acreage owners make informed choices on products, services, and experiences that meet their modern lifestyle. Our contributors create entertaining short stories about the product and services that they have used or plan to buy.

Why is this needed?

Living on an acreage comes with its own unique set of challenges. To manage a larger property in a timely fashion takes the right products. Farm equipment is too big and expensive. Most of the stuff at the big-box stores isn’t built well enough for prolonged use. Now there is a way to find just the right high-quality gear for your acreage.

Who it’s for

It’s for people living on acreages; those living the rural lifestyle that take care of their land, that have pets and animals, that love travel, music, food, and make considered, value purchases.

Who we are 

Ruralistic was founded by Craig Dick. In the past 15 years, he’s lived on 4 different acreages.  Each property needed significant improvement, including 3 that were cleared for new construction. When not working on his property, he’s worked professionally in sales and marketing. This experience gives him a unique perspective that isn’t found anywhere else.

But he couldn’t do this alone. With contributions from a team of Ruralists from all over the country, we promise to only bring you the best goods and services that we use.


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