Goods for Acreage Living

Ruralistic is a daily blog that showcases the gear, goods, and provisions acreage owners with active lifestyles want. Whether it’s your primary residence, a lake house, a summer cabin, hunting land, or future retirement property, Ruralistic is a one-stop resource that covers acreage living, rural lifestyle, outdoor living, and the country life.

We focus on the following areas

  • Home & Property
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Pets & Animals
  • Outdoors & Adventure
  • Style & Entertainment

What we do

Basically, we’re working professionals, that love DIY projects, gardening, grilling, the outdoors, our pets and animals, travel, and adventure. So we’re motivated to find stuff that makes life more fun and managing our property less work.

We leverage our professional industry access, experience and knowledge to find great stuff and share it with you. From industry publications and tradeshows to scrounging the interwebs, we’re on the lookout to find the best products that we have used or plan to use on our acreage. We have even imported gear to the US when they are not available here.

And sometimes we’ll share a few aspirational items just for fun.

How it works

Since we know your life is busy, each post is short and to the point on why you should consider the item, with a clear link on where to buy it. Just click the Buy From button to be redirected to the site where you can buy it.

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Who it’s for

Whether you’ve lived on an acreage for years, or you’re new to rural life,  acreage, we can help. Acreage living comes with its own unique set of challenges. To manage a larger property in a timely fashion takes the right products. Farm equipment is too big and expensive. Most of the stuff at the big-box stores isn’t built well enough for prolonged use that is required on a large property. By joining our community, you can leverage our 20+ years of acreage living to have more fun, and spend less money while improving your property.

What we believe

  • In quality over quantity
  • In value over price
  • That purchases should be considered
  • In living life as an adventure
  • In working smarter not harder
  • In taking time to have fun and enjoy your hard work
  • In being trusted, yet unpredictable and unconventional
  • In always learning, but also saying “I don’t know”

Who we are 

Ruralistic was founded by Craig Dick. In the past 15 years, he’s lived on 4 different acreages.  Each property needed significant improvement, including 3 that were cleared for new construction. When not working on his property, he’s working professionally in sales and marketing. This experience gives him a unique perspective.

But he couldn’t do this alone. With contributions from a team of Ruralists from all over the country, we promise to only bring you the best goods and services that we use.

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