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Huemer Obsterntetechnik – Type 800 Fruit Collector

800 Fruit Collector

You’re finally living your dream of owning fruit trees.

But it’s turning into a nightmare since you have to pick up the dropped fruit in the fall to keep the trees healthy.

You need a fruit collector from Huemer Obsterntetechnik (fruit harvesting technology). Designed and built in Austria and works for several types of fruits like apples, pears, and apricots.

And now for the first time, they are now available in North America.

The Type 800, also called the “Hedgehog,” has a working width of 2 feet, picking the fruit from the ground and depositing it into two three-gallon buckets.

The drum of the Hedgehog automatically adjusts to the ground for varying fruit sizes with diameters of 1-6 inches. The stainless steel drum and scraper of the fruit collector work effortlessly and are easy to clean.  The Hedgehog Type 800 comes with 24-inch solid rubber tires which makes it easy to operate on slopes or bumps.

Designed and built with no wear parts, it’s ideal for small acreages and large orchards.

You didn’t buy an acreage for the painfully physical exertion, did you?

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