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Kahtoola – NANOSpikes

Kahtoola - NANOSpikes

Winter is coming. And if you love walking or running outdoors on paved surfaces you no longer have to fear wiping out.

Kahtoola NANOSpikes allows users to safely transition between dry and slippery pavement without affecting the natural walking or running motion. Providing the high-performance road runners demand so they can train outside all year round. Each of the 10 spikes is held in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor. The integrated toe bail made from TPU material and provides added security to prevent the toe from pushing through the front of the elastomer harness. Additional upward-facing traction ensures the traction plates stay in place against footwear. They are easy to remove with a raised heel tab that allows for easy pull-back and removal.

Keep your daily outdoor walk or run even in slippery winter conditions with NANOSpikes

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