Quadcrate Transport Cage


Easily move animals and more with your ATV or 4-wheeler.


The Quadcrate Transport Cage fits on top of the Quadcrate® Suspension Bracket* and is a comfortable way to transport a ewe, calf, goat, pig or dogs from A to B and has a gate on both sides so the animals can go in one side and out the other. It can also be used to carry sticks, turf, grass off your lawn and extra fence posts as the gates can be removed. The Animal Cage can also be easily attached and detached by removing 4 c-clips, so loads can be taken off easily.

Upgrade with a lid for the Animal Cage so when you are transporting lively animals i.e. dogs they cannot escape.

Originally designed for use in agriculture, it has proven to be a valuable asset in many other industries such as Equine, Hunting, Forestry, and Landscaping.

*The Transport Cage must be used in conjunction with the Quadcrate Suspension Bracket

The Transport Cage is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel for rugged use.

Designed and built in Northern Ireland by Allingham Quadcrate Ltd.

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