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BackEZ – Back-Saving Tool Handle Attachment

BackEZ - Back-Saving Tool Handle Attachment

When you live on a large property like an acreage, there is always something to shovel or rake. Even with a snowblower, there are still areas you have to shovel. And all that shoveling can put a strain on your body if you don’t have the correct posture. But instead of buying all new tools, you can just add a handle and shovel in comfort.

BackEZ Back-Saving Tool Handle Attachment instantly converts any shovel or long handle tool into an ergonomically correct tool of safety, and comfort. BackEZ allows you to work with a more upright and less stressful posture.
Blast through heavy snow, slush, and ice with less effort and exertion. Lift heavy wet snow with ease. You will be able to shovel longer with reduced back pain, less elbow pain and fewer blisters. Universal design handle fits all brands.
Perfect for rakes, shovels, tree-trimmers, power washers and even painting poles. Adjust the position of this grip along the tool shaft to fit your height and arm length.

Add them to all your existing garden tools!

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