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Fusion – Drill Powered Tools Cultivator

Fusion - Drill Powered Tools Cultivator

If you need to till your raised bed or small garden, rototillers are too big and are not very practical for the smaller garden. While hand tools require a lot of hard work. Other battery-powered tools require special batteries. What if you could use the battery-powered tools you already have to power your garden tools?

The Fusion Drill Powered Cultivator was designed to give you the ultimate tilling machine for your raised bed garden or smaller garden plots. The Fusion Drill Adaptive Cultivator simply attaches to your cordless drill giving you the ultimate tilling machine. Tills 4″ to 8″ wide. Can be shortened to 19″ in length or up to 51″ to save your back. Fits most drills and only weighs 7 lbs.

Great for mixing in new soil and fertilizer too.

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