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Huemer Obsterntetechnik – Tree Shaker

Heumer Tree Shaker

All good boys love their mummies. But orchard owners hate them.

No not their mommies, the old fruit or nuts left in the tree in late fall are known as mummies. They harbor disease, pests and have a negative impact on the health of your trees.

That’s why you need to shake your trees to clear them of all the fruit and nuts.

Huemer Obsterntetechnik is a tried and tested tree shakers. A perfect option for large hobbyists or small commercial orchards and farms. It can be used as an apple shaker, pear shaker, plum shaker, apricot shaker, and nut shaker, as well as for many other types of fruit.

It attaches via 3-Point and works off of the PTO shaft and will make quick work of dropping fruit. The fruit shaker is attached to a trunk or branch with 40 foot long and 8 mm thick steel rope with the included strap to preserve the bark.

Be a good boy, call you Mommy, and shake your mummies from your trees.

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