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Shinola – Hard Linen Journal

Shinola - Hard Linen Journal

Sure you have a smartphone, but if you are in a meeting tapping on your phone, it looks like you’re texting.

Plus studies show if you want to remember something; and have people take your seriously, write it down with old fashioned pen and paper.

But don’t use any notebook, get a personalized journal.

Shinola Hard Linen Journals are American-made and feature a smyth-sewn binding, which means it’s more durable and the pages lie perfectly flat. Manufactured in the United States from all US-sourced components, their journals feature acid-free paper from sustainably-managed American forests.

Small enough to always carry with you. Big enough to capture all your great ideas. Monogramming is available to personalize them.

Davinci, Churchill, and Twain all kept journals. So should you.

“This has been my go-to journal since 2014 when I discovered fully digital note-taking isn’t that effective. I’ll typically use 1-2 per year. It’s probably the best journal in the world” – Craig

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