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Sunnydaze – Firewood Log Cart

Sunnydaze - Firewood Log Cart

You likely have a wagon or UTV that you can use to haul things around your yard, so why do you need a firewood carrier? Well, it’s likely your other wagon is full or in the back of a shed. This cart has 2 purposes, hauling and storing firewood, so you’ll always have a way to move firewood to your firepit easily.

The Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart can carry about 1/8 face-cord of wood making it easy to transport wood from the pile to the log rack, or you can be stored by the fire pit for a full weekend of bonfires. Includes a weather-resistant polyester with a PVC lining cover to keep your wood dry and protects your firewood from rain or snow and opens easily with hook and loop fabric fasteners.  The cart is made from black powder-coated steel for ultimate durability and long-lasting life.  The pneumatic tires make it easy to move large loads over uneven ground.

Perfect if you can’t store wood outside, just roll it in the garage between fires.

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