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Teknor Apex – Neverkink, Farm & Ranch Water Hose

Neverkink garden hose

If you are seeding a new yard, planting trees or have a garden, then you’ll have to water.

On bigger properties, your sprinkler system might not reach every area.

Then you are stuck dragging hose hundreds of feet, from the hydrant. And there is nothing more frustrating than kinks. With cheap hoses it happens every time. EVERY. TIME.

It’s time to bring relaxation back to your lawn and garden activities.

The Teknor Apex Neverkink water hoses are ultra-flexible for easy handling and maneuverability. The patented Reflex Mesh technology utilizes a mesh network of reinforcement so kinks, twists and tangles don’t have a chance to get started.  And they remain flexible Down to 45 degrees.

All Neverkink products contain MicroShield antimicrobial protection which guards hose against mold and mildew. So they are great for watering animals. And all Neverkink hoses are proudly made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

Sure watering the lawn with a hose is a drag, but eliminating kinks will make it less painful.

“I’ve had Neverkink products for over 10 years. Some are starting to show their age and they get a bit stiff in cold weather. But not losing my shit over hose kinks means I’m a customer for life.” – Craig

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