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TerraKing – Leaf Bag

TerraKing - Leaf Bag

Fall is just around the corner and if you oak trees other varieties with large leaves, that means clean up.

Large leaves don’t break down as fast and can cause a barrier that can damage your grass.

The TerraKing Leaf bag for lawn tractors makes leaf collection a breeze. Made from a tough polyester-blend, making it the ideal bag for years of use. If your lawnmower as a two-bag material collection system, this is the perfect leaf bag for you.

The TerraKing Standard Leaf Bag offers a maximum bag opening circumference of 120 inches, and it takes just seconds to install. Designed to hold 6x the leaves of the average grass collector so you get more done in a day, with less dumping. Easily folds for compact storage with not in use and proudly made in the USA.

The picked-up leaves make a great addition to compost.

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