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Solectrac – 40 hp eUtility Electric Tractor

Solectrac - 40 hp eUtility Electric Tractor

If you have a larger acreage or livestock a tractor is a must-have.

But dealing with the maintenance, the upkeep, and fuel of a traditional tractor can be a pain.

Electric tools are fast becoming the norm and now there is an electric tractor option.

The Solectrac 40 HP eUtility Electric Tractor is ideal for utility work on small farms and acreages. It has a 28 kWh battery pack with a 4-8 hour run time depending on load. The runtime can be extended with the optional front hitch battery pack. Fast charging gets you 80% in 3 hours. Expected battery life is 10 years.

The tractor accepts all category 1,  3 point implements, and 1,000 lbs. or dynamic load. Additional options include a front loader, front hitch, exchangeable batteries, and auxiliary hydraulics.

It doesn’t yet have assisted driving or ludacris speed.

“Price-wise it seems to be about double of a comparative diesel subcompact tractor. But not dealing with an engine is highly intriguing.” -Craig

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