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Thriving Designs – C-Bite Custom Trellis Garden Clips

Thriving Designs - C-Bite Custom Trellis Garden Clips

If you grow tomatoes on your acreage then you know a cage is a must to keep them healthy and productive.

But the old wire cages are not expandable and sometimes they don’t hold up to a really productive plant.

With C-Bite Garden Clips you can easily build a variety of sturdy and adjustable plant supports. The unique and patented garden stake clip does the serious heavy lifting in your garden. These reusable 1.75 inch wide clips interconnect and quickly attach to garden stakes and plant ties making plant support and canopy management a snap. Whether you want a trellis for your peas, a cage for your cannabis, a tower for your tomatoes, or support for your sunflowers, C-BITEs can do it all. Made for skinny stakes or bamboo rods the C-Bite clip helps keep your plants upright and maximize airflow. Your plants will show their appreciation by producing bigger, healthier fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Made of durable partially-recycled plastic, C-BITEs will last for many growing seasons.

Use it with netting or cords for climbing vines, to lengthen stakes, or build custom supports

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