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Titan Great Outdoors – Incinerator Fire Pit

Titan Great Outdoors - Incinerator Fire Pit

Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of yard debris is to burn it. And if you don’t have a fire pit but still want someplace to burn debris then a portable incinerator pit is what you need.

The Titan Great Outdoors Incinerator Fire Pit makes burning yard debris and old sensitive documents easier and safer than ever. Designed with jungle-themed steel panels 2 mm thick, the firebox is engineered to increase airflow for a hotter flame, ensuring everything you put in turns to ash. The tall fire pit consists of 6 panels with a slot and tab design that can easily be put together in minutes using no tools or hardware. When you are done, disassemble it flat and store it in your shed or garage with a minimal footprint. Offered in three different heights to help you quickly incinerate yard debris on clean-up day.

Make fast and safe work of burning your yard debris.


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