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Titan Straps – Utility Straps

Titan Straps - Utility Straps

Do you find yourself never having the right type of strap to secure gear?

Are you tired of the cheap black bungee straps breaking or coming unsecured?

Titan Straps are crafted from high-performance, stretchy polymer material for ultimate durability when securing heavyweight items.

Secure gear like garden hoses, electric cords, air hose, and more with a 60-pound working load. Additionally you can perform field repairs, secure items on a bike or vehicle. Made with heat-treated aircraft aluminum buckle and stretchy, heavyweight material, this safety strap’s buckle features an innovative design that allows the strap to be threaded through the slot twice, offering double the strength.

Titan Straps were designed to excel in sunny climates and frigid temperatures and as a solution to secure equipment for individuals and professionals performing plumbing, electrical work, construction, wood-working, and more.

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