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Tuff Grid USA – Diamond Grid

Tuff Grid USA - Diamond Grid

Do you have a gravel or rock driveway that you struggle to keep smooth?

Perhaps you have a path to a dock or shed that is always muddy and rutted up. Are you tired of buying sand and wood chips for stalls?

Diamond Grid has been engineered as a cost-effective solution for erosion control, soil and turf stabilization. It’s designed to be up to 96% permeable. Used extensively for driveways, pathways, boat ramps, work areas, stalls, stable and shed flooring. Diamond Grid was proven in the Australian Outback to withstand heavy loads under constant use in mining, agriculture and commercial construction. Diamond Grid is also an alternative to traditional concreting, with a comparable load-bearing capacity at 40% less cost. The grids are UV stabilized to last 30 years. They can be installed by any do-it-yourselfer since no fasteners are required. Diamond Grid used an interlocking system to stay in place.

Diamond Grid will reduce costly maintenance to rock driveways while reducing lifetime costs of ownership compared to pavement options.

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