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Zollea – Indoor Automatic Watering System

Zollea - Indoor Automatic Watering System

Acreage owners typically love bringing the outdoors in. That means having indoor plants to take care of. And if you travel for work or pleasure, you have to figure out how to manage your plants. Do you hire a neighbor to come over and water them? Now you have an indoor drip irrigation option.

The Zollea Indoor Automatic Watering System contains a water pump, timer, tubes, and drip kits/ The watering program ensures that the correct amount of water can be delivered to your plants at the correct time. Within 15 minutes, your automatic plant waterer can be set. To water 10-20 plants. You can set the time intervals from 1 hour to 60 days, and set the water amount from 10ml(1/3oz) to 990ml(33oz); After setting, your waterer will be activating the watering program to keep your plants watered and healthy. The kit includes 1 programmer, 1 set of tubes (32.8ft) that can easily be bent or cut, 10 t-joints, 3 joints, 5 tube blockers, and 10 dripping stakes.
Equipped with a 2000mAh lithium battery that charges via USB, your indoor plant watering system can be working for over 10 days on a single charge. If you’re out of town for 2 weeks or more, connect your watering devices with a power supply for longer run times.

Great for plants in hard-to-reach spots, too!


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