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Chapin – HydroFeed fertilizer injector

Chapin - HydroFeed fertilizer injector

If you have a large lawn or garden it can be a real chore to keep it properly fertilized. You can also spend a fortune on pull-behind sprayers and spreaders. If you’d like to fertilize quickly and easily, injecting liquid fertilizer into your irrigation is the way to go.

The Chapin HydroFeed fertilizer injector is a patent-pending design filled with features for use with sprinklers and direct hose spray applications. HydroFeed works differently than a standard hose-end sprayer, it adds water back into the tank as your chemical is being pulled out. You don’t have to worry about your fertilizer or chemical being diluted as it’s being fed through the outlet tube. This is why the tank turns clear after your chemical runs out. It easily connects to hose spigot or irrigation system with standard hose fittings.

Great for natural mosquito controls too!

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