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Cutwater – Canned Cocktails


Whether your working on your property or out on an adventure, there’s nothing better than cracking a cold one on a hot day.

But flavorless light beer or hard seltzer can be so unsatisfying.

And, until now your only other choice close to a cocktail was a funky flavored malt beverage.

Cutwater Spirits canned classic cocktails is an award-winning craft spirits brand. They pioneered this new drink category. Now you can enjoy a great cocktail fishing, hiking or anywhere your adventures take you.

Crack open one of 18 distinct cocktails flavors like Tiki Rum Mai Tai, Vodka Mule, Tequila Lime Margarita, or this summers go-to cocktail the Tequila Paloma. Its tequila-forward floral notes are complemented by Cutwater’s house-made grapefruit soda for a bright finish. It comes in 4 or 24 packs.

On-demand Mai Tai could be a problem, just saying….

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