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Pittsburgh – 8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Pittsburgh - 8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

If you have a mower, tractor, skid steer, or ATV on your acreage, it’s only a matter of time until you get a flat. 

And while you can have a tire company come out and fix it, the bill for that is steep. A bottle jack is a must for a quick inexpesive tire change.

The Pittsburgh 8 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack is compact to loads even in tight spaces. Lift up to 16000 lb. as high as 17-5/8 in. The extension screw allows low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height. Ideal for use on farms, acreages, in automotive shops, and construction. Made of rugged steel with a strong, stable base. Certified to meet ASME/PASE standards.

This can also be used for leveling trailers, RV’s, garden sheds and so much more.

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