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Polaris – Ranger XP Kinetic All-Electric Side-by-Side

Polaris - Ranger XP Kinetic All-Electric Side-by-Side

One of the most useful vehicles on any acreage is a side-by-side. They are unmatched for hauling gear and are a blast when it’s time to go off-roading. But they can be loud plus it’s another engine to fuel and maintain.

The Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic provides the power to do more. With an industry-leading, 110 HP and 140 lb-ft of nearly instantaneous torque delivers exhilarating acceleration and the confidence to tow 2,500 lbs. and haul an industry-exclusive 1,250 lbs. With its quiet operation, enjoy easy conversation while riding and stealthy trips to hunting spots. Plus, Ranger XP Kinetic offers 3 drive modes, Eco+, Standard, and Sport, so you can optimize the power for the task at hand. With a range up to 80 miles, convenient charging from a 120V outlet, and less scheduled maintenance than a similar gas-powered vehicle, Ranger XP Kinetic gives you the power to do more.

Scheduled maintenance costs are estimated to be 70% less than similar gas-powered vehicles.

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