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Suståne – 4-6-4 Plant Food


The idea of making your own compost to fertilize your garden is a noble one.

The reality is it’s a lot of work. Saving food scraps, turning your compost. Getting rid of the fruit flies because you forgot to empty your scraps…

There’s an easier solution that will give you better results.

Suståne 4-6-4 All Natural Fertilizer promotes rapid plant growth. Suståne replenishes the soil with a rich supply of humus (stabilized organic matter) and all of the essential nutrients required for quality growth.

Suståne 4-6-4 All Natural provides a combination of plant nutrients and organic substances derived from biologically stable compost, natural potash, bone meal and feathermeal. All natural and organic, compost-based fertilizer is high in organic content and contains all 17 essential plant nutrients.

It’s what pros use all over the world.

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