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Swain Products – Tank Tote 2-Pack

Swain Products - Tank Tote 2-Pack

It’s grilling season and it’s still cool out, so you are exchanging a lot of propane tanks. And there is nothing more annoying than a tank thunking around the back of an SUV or truck. You’ve tried seat belts. You’ve tried wedging them between the spare tire and truck bed. Yet they still roll around damaging your vehicle.

The Swain Tank-Tote makes transporting your propane tank safe and convenient. Take your tank for a refill without the worry of it rolling around in your car or the back of your truck bed. The bottle must be forced to a tilt of at least 45 degrees before it will fall to the side on its own. Tank-Tote comes with a bungee cord to secure your tank to the caddy. Tank-Tote is extremely durable and lightweight. This ridged, high-impact, ABS thermoplastic polymer caddy was built to last! Meets personal vehicle transportation requirements. 100% American Made.

It’s also great for storage and is a great stand.

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