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Yutrax – TX162 HC1500 Heavy Duty ATV Trailer

Yutrax - TX162 HC1500 Heavy Duty ATV Trailer

ATVs are great but you can’t haul much without a trailer. From firewood to feed, fencing, or landscaping materials, there is always something to be hauled.

Yutrax TX162 HC1500 Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer Trailer is lightweight and durable. All steel heavy-duty construction to withstand abuse from off-road use. The HC1500 is engineered for strength and can haul as much as 22 cubic feet of material and loads as heavy as 1500 pounds. The removable side rails and tailgate make loading and unloading a breeze. The HC1500 features large flotation tires that make for a smoother ride while the sealed ball bearings require no maintenance.

Would also work great for hauling gear to backcountry cabins.

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