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Big Chill – Original Fridge

The Big Chill Original Fridge

You’ve come a long way from sneaking ice-cold Busch Lights out of your Uncle’s old 1940’s fridge in the back of his garage.

You’re all grown up and can buy your own beer…or White Claw. Hey! we’re not judging…much.

Drink what you want and keep it cold. Also, do it in style.

Your garage fridge should look like you care about what you stock and let’s be honest, that second-hand thrift store white aluminum box of mold isn’t going to cut it. You want a clean, stamped-metal body and chrome edging with the modern updates that make it safe. Customize your color, your handle orientation, add an ice maker, and have it delivered right to your door.

The Big Chill Original Fridge is everything you remember about that old icebox with those frosty coils. It looks cool and it keeps beverages ice cold but unlike your Uncle’s old ice coffin, this one is energy-efficient. It’s modernized so it won’t trip every electrical breaker it touches, unlike that used fridge that’s out there now.

So whether your stocking cool local brews, cheap domestic light beers or you really do like the Claw, don’t compromise on style and safety.

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