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Chaseburg Mfg. – Scrusher Boot Scraper

Chaseburg Mfg. Scrusher Boot scraper

The only thing worse than a bunch of mud in your garage or shop is cleaning it off your boots.

And while an old piece of metal welded to a fence post was good enough to keep your grandpa’s boots clean. Just like his boots, there’s been an upgrade in technology.

The Chaseburg mfg. Scrusher boot cleaner is great for garages, barns, ranches, and shop areas. Even the thickest mud doesn’t stand a chance against the three sets of brushes on the bottom of the Deluxe Scrusher. But it’s not just for work boots! Place it on your deck, porch, patio, or in front of your mudroom, and keep the mud, muck, and grime off your boots and outdoors.

The Scrusher has a weather-resistant UV powder-coated finish to handle any wet contact. Rubber feet prevent scratching and sliding. With its steel frame and hard maple replaceable brushes, the Scrusher is built to last. All Scrusher boot brushes are made and assembled in the USA.

With a name like Scrusher, it has to be good.

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