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Fimco – 65-Gallon UTV Sprayer

Fimco 65-Gallon UTV Sprayer

Do you have a large lawn or a few acres of pasture to maintain?

Keep it looking great and productive with regular liquid fertilizer applications.

If you’ve got 3 or 30 acres and a UTV, this will make spraying, quick and easy.

Fimco 65-Gallon UTV Sprayer with Deluxe 7-Nozzle Folding Boom is the perfect solution for larger acreages. This UTV sprayers feature a heavy-duty polyethylene tank with a low-profile design that provides outstanding stability. Molded handles allow for easy installation on UTV’s, and the spray boom can be used with the UTV tailgate closed or open.

The pump is positioned to be near the UTV cab so that you can easily set the sprayer’s PSI. It comes with a handgun with adjustable pattern nozzle, and a 7-nozzle, 3-section folding boom with 140˝spray coverage. Pumps 4.5 GPM at an adjustable pressure range of 0 to 45 PSI. Made in North Sioux City, SD Fimco is the largest manufacturer of small sprayers in the United States.

The grass will look greener on your side of the fence with one of these.

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