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Carnivore Club – Wisconsin River Meats

Carnivore Club - Wisconsin River Meats

The best jerky and sausage always comes from your hunting buddy.

It’s fresh, tasty and you can never get enough.

Whether your going camping or just hanging with your buddies, you can have that fresh jerky experience anytime.

Carnivore Club’s Wisconsin River Meats sample box is known for its great tasting sausage and smoked meats. Wisconsin River Meats recipes are a time tested family tradition. Sportsmen throughout Wisconsin and the upper midwest recognize Wisconsin River Meats as one of the leading game processors in the state.

They process deer all year round and make a fabulous selection of great-tasting sausages. They still make em the good old fashioned way. Lean meats, coarse ground, hand-tied, and hickory smoked. Customers can look forward to, Summer sausage Snack Sticks, Honey Ham Sticks, Hot Pepper Sticks, Original Whole Muscle Beef Jerky, Teriyaki Whole Muscle Beef Jerky.

Life’s short don’t settle for gas station jerky….

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