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Event – Radler Bike Festival @ Arbor Day Farm

Event - Radler Bike Festival @ Arbor Day Farm

This past year, the lack of festivals was a big disappointment. Nothing to do, nowhere to go.

Now you can get caught up on biking, beer, music, food, and more. All in one weekend at one location!

The Radler Bike Festival at Arbor Day Farm combines equal parts European cycling culture, unique accommodations, music, food, and beer all into one amazing weekend. The event will be held June 5–6, 2021.

The bike ride has three routes of varying lengths to choose from each day, plus plenty of fun, snacks, water stops, and support along the way. Saturday supper, Sunday breakfast, and Sunday Lunch are included in your registration. The first beer is on the house. Enjoy a Kinkaider’s Grapefruit Radler or Saro hard cider, both brewed especially for the festival. Stay at the iconic Lied Lodge or camp.

It might be the most fun you’ve had in two summers.

Save $20 bucks if you register by March 7th!

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